working with you to inspire confident female leaders

We help organisations to ensure that the gender balance is addressed and women are given the best training and support at work to progress in their careers.

Most organisations are beginning to recognise the changing face of business and are allowing women to flourish and create the impact that they and their organisations need and want. We are there to support this process with high-impact courses, transformational coaching programmes and motivational speaking. Our specialist areas include:

Helping women to overcome a fear of speaking up and make a bigger impact

  • Public speaking

  • Presenting and pitching with impact

  • Dealing with the media

  • Confident communication

Leadership confidence and managing career transitions

  • Gravitas and authenticity

  • Resilience and well-being

  • Tackling difficult conversations

  • Strategic networking

  • Dealing with imposter syndrome

"The session was immensely helpful and I am sure the key takeaways from the session will remain with us for a long time."

Women, in particular, have times in their lives when confidence gets knocked - whether this is returning to work after having a baby, during her menopause, juggling household pressures and childcare or perhaps returning after an illness. This is why we offer gender-based training that is tailored to the challenges that women can face.

Confidence is like a muscle. It needs working regularly - offering a presentation skills course when someone graduates is not enough!