My Confidence Matters recently ran two 'Lunch and Learn' sessions for an software company in London.

This company introduced a new scheme to promote women in tech and to support its female employees with programmes such as this one.

Over twenty delegates, both men and women, attended each session and the feedback was tremendously positive:

"The session was immensely helpful and I am sure the key takeaways from the session will remain with us for a long time."

"Thank you for the session today, I enjoyed the content and thought it was a great start to whet our appetite!"

"It was really good to be reminded about presentation tips such as taking a pause, slowing down, speaking clearly and concisely etc"


The session was designed to capture some of the most important issues and tactics concerning workplace confidence, it is a ‘fun and animated’ learning opportunity. Whilst our core focus is in supporting women in business, this session is vital for both men and women as they support each other in achieving a more balanced and diverse workforce.

This session is crafted to make it easy to address questions in an open and comfortable forum, while also incorporating ‘group exercises’ which really get participants thinking about their own voice and body conduct.

In this session, we focused on:

  • What a personal brand is and why it matters in modern business

  • Developing an elevator pitch fit for networking

  • Words – what we say, and what we really mean

  • Asking for a pay rise or promotion.

For further information about how we can support you with workshops, coaching or speaking at your events, please contact us.

It was great to take the time out of a busy working day to think about yourself and how you approach things/come across to other people.