benefits of more women in senior roles

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It is well documented that having more women in leadership roles has a positive impact on the bottom-line. More women in the workplace makes good business sense, leads to better decision-making and increases profitability.

Gender is a business issue, not a women’s issue.

So, why do companies need to think strategically about gender?

  • There is a government-backed target for FTSE 350 businesses to have 33% of all board and senior leadership positions held by women by the end of 2020 (Hampton-Alexander Review).

  • Women represent more than half the marketplace. By 2028 women will control 75% of all household spending.

  • FTSE 350 companies with more than 25% women on their Executive Committee have profit margins almost 3 times higher than those with all-male. Source: The Pipeline 2019. 

  • Organisations that are more proactive in the push for gender equality in leadership are outperforming their competition in profitability, revenue growth, innovation and employee satisfaction. Source: IBM 2019.

  • Companies with more diverse management teams create a 19% higher innovation revenue. Source: Management Today Inclusion Matters 2019.

  • Bridging the gender gap would add £150bn to the UK economy by 2025. Source: McKinsey 2016.

  • For every 10% increase in gender diversity at the top, operating profits rose by 3.5%. Source: McKinsey 2015.

  • Companies where women made up at least 15% of senior managers had more than 50% higher profitability than those where female representation was less than 10%. Source: Credit Suisse 2014.

Hampton-Alexander Review
The 33% target is a collective effort and it is incumbent on every FTSE 350 listed company to play their part - get with the new norm - today one woman at the table, is little different to none.
— Denise Wilson OBE,Chief Executive, Hampton-Alexander Review