WE INSPIRE WOMEN TO become YOUR confident leaders

We work with organisations to ensure that women are given the best training and support to progress in their careers and become the country’s future leaders. The daily headlines we read of companies not managing to recruit enough senior women begs the question: Why?

We believe that organisations need to not only adapt and flex to recognise the changing face of business, but also provide training and coaching in order to allow women to flourish and create the impact that they, and their organisations need and want.

We are known as curators of confidence and we bring together a host of experts, with experience working across a number of sectors including management consulting, legal, media, technology and financial services. Our founder, Joy Burnford, is a contributor at Forbes.com on the subject of women and confidence in the workplace.

Working closely with our clients we provide ready-made or bespoke high impact training sessions or ongoing transformational coaching programmes.

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