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We are extremely proud of what we do and the value we bring to our clients. We receive fantastic feedback and news of success stories. Here are some of the great things you’ve said about us!

“What you are doing is so important to help women find their confidence - and from that, power.” Jo Swinson MP


We are also delighted to have been nominated for the following awards this year:


motivational speaking & workshops

"Joy delivered a great workshop for Women in Banking and Finance in Birmingham, she shared her 5 P’s for how to increase your confidence. She is an engaging speaker and the audience loved having a chance to practice "pushing themselves out of their comfort zone". A fun informative and lively workshop which made participants think about how they can build their confidence. " Tara Zutshi, Women in Banking and Finance

“It takes special kinds of women to want to help other women to grow in confidence, excel and achieve more in all part of their lives. That is the gift that you gave to the Ladies in Property Suffolk event, thank you for the presentation and the message that we are all important.” Ladies in Property Suffolk

“The day after I attended your event I spoke at a conference on a panel of expert speakers. I made use of the hints and tips you shared and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Yes, I was nervous, but just before I went on stage a quiet calm came over me. I knew I couldn't let people down so calmly joined the experts, representing my peers and my company. I've had feedback to say how eloquent and confident I sounded and appeared and as I've mentioned, I really did enjoy it and felt I could have carried on talking. Thank you again for the invaluable advice, that has not only given me a new skill but has increased my self-confidence.” Jayne Forgham, PwC

“I came to your wonderful Confidence workshop with WIBF Birmingham in February, and it really helped to give me the confidence to run a workshop for WIBF yesterday on Building Stress Resilience!” Anne Bryant

“I used your “say yes and worry about how later” advice and took part in an open mic poetry event! Most unlike me but am glad I did it. Thank you very much for inspiring me to say yes.” Lisa Organ

"The session was immensely helpful and I am sure the key takeaways from the session will remain with us for a long time."


“I have found Joy to be a great mentor. She is kind and patient and listens in an active way before she signposts to possible ideas and solutions. Her one-to-one work is very tailored to her individual client’s needs and that is very important. If you are considering working with her, go ahead you won’t be disappointed.” Angela Kinloch

“I have always been nervous of public speaking. As an entrepreneur and Managing Director of my own consultancy business I recognise that addressing large groups is an extremely effective way of promoting services, yet for 13 years since starting Waddington Brown I have avoided it at every opportunity. About 6 months ago I decided to look for some training but logistics, timings and other commitments always got in the way (probably because I wanted them to!) and then I met Joy. I couldn’t commit to one of her group programmes so she offered me one-to-one coaching across two sessions. During the first session we discussed my fears and then focused on how to structure presentations, advice on how to prepare and finally the delivery. Joy completely energised me and made me believe in myself. I went away, reflected, wrote and recorded my presentation and then sent it back to Joy to review. Returning for more advice and constructive criticism was great. The support and encouragement from Joy was excellent. A few days later I delivered my presentation to an audience of 45 and it went really well! I felt in control and empowered. I wasn’t terrified but had a healthy mix of excitement and fear. I am really grateful for the coaching and will continue to keep practising and putting myself out there!” Emma Gunton, Managing Director, Waddington Brown

“Going through the career happiness tracker was really interesting... seeing my results in a diagrammatic way, really brought home to me which aspects of my career I was less happy about. Working through it with Joy helped to make sense of it, she linked many of my results and gave advice on next steps in a sensitive and constructive way. I feel clearer about what my key stress points are and am now feeling more confident about addressing these.” P.S.

“You’ve been a huge stand for me, my first sponsor, trusting me before I could trust myself, an inspiration, embodying how to hold that vision and take bold steps out of your comfort zone, and a guiding light ahead showing me the way! Forever grateful for that.” Sarah Le Breton

“Joy has been the perfect mentor for me, just at the right time. After returning to work full time after having a family and being promoted to a more senior position, I was struggling to deliver against my own expectations both at work and at home. As a result my confidence in my own abilities suffered and I was feeling overwhelmed. My sessions with Joy have enabled me to explore my behaviours and beliefs that were driving these feelings, with a level of honesty and objectivity that would have been difficult with colleagues, friends and family. She has provided great practical advice, at times being a sympathetic ear but also being sure to challenge me and hold me to account. I now feel that I am back in control and able to enjoy this hectic but brilliant time as a successful working mum.” Cerian McLean

“What a fantastic coach and an inspiration to all those who need that extra boost of confidence.”

“I came away from my first session feeling enthused and armed with many more ‘practical tools’ which I have already added to my virtual toolkit. I look forward with anticipation to the other sessions I have booked!”


“I was pushed out of my comfort zone but that was exactly what I needed . Having direct access and feedback from such experienced and generous trainers was invaluable. I felt truly supported and nurtured throughout the whole process and I feel much more confident as a result. Thank you for this valuable jewel of a programme.” Anne Jeffery

“I’ve loved the Speak Up programme, thank you so much. The course runs so well week on week and gives you just one little thing to work on at a time; small micro adjustments that make a huge difference. I’ve been astonished at the impact the programme has had, not just the feeling I have now as a woman who is able to present, but also the impact it has had on the rest of my life as well.” Lucy Atkinson

“I’ve absolutely loved the variety of offering on the Speak Up programme as it incorporates so many different topics. It is very powerful to have experts drive home the key messages, learn from your own experiences and observe other women going through the same thing in parallel as you. I’ve really appreciated my time on the course and will miss the group and our weekly meetings. Thank you.” Dori Milej-Smith

“Speak Up is an absolutely fantastic programme. I liked that we weren’t given huge amounts each week to work on, but that we were given small chunks to take away and practice. The feedback was constructive, highlighting things that you do which you aren’t aware of and the advice around planning presentations, focusing on key messages and the why – getting your audience to buy into something – was brilliant.” Chrissie Francis

“I confidently delivered a conference speech about doctor suicides, which also went viral on Twitter; I credit much of that success to what I learned from the ‘Speak Up’ programme.” Dr Lucy Henshall

"The Speak Up programme is so different to other typical training courses. It is a time for you to really immerse yourself and update your skills and focus on what you want to get out of it. The content is incredibly well considered and I was able to apply the skills and the experience immediately not only in the workplace but wider. Overall it is a great investment and one which I will continue to develop." Zoe Latimer, former Business Partner, Direct Line Group

“The ‘Speak Up’ programme helped me to both develop a strategy for clearly conveying a message and also provided the opportunity to be interviewed by Journalist, Jane Renton and to experience tuition and feedback from a vocal coach. On the back of this course, I launched a campaign to help spread the word about my mission to save the NHS and, with the help of a number of friends and colleagues, created the website https://nhs.gifts/ in just a day! I have to say that the interview with Jane on Monday really helped to focus my mind and gave me the confidence to put the idea out there.” Dr Alison Sabine, Consultant Rheumatologist, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham

“Speak Up is a fabulous programme. The variety of content has been fabulous and the experts have all been really great and engaging. It was useful to be in a group with other participants going through the same experience as you, and the technology created a safe virtual environment to work in, which was both trusting and rewarding.” P.F.

“The Speak Up programme has been a really really valuable course and a good use of my time. I’m glad that I’ve been able to invest in what has been an extremely worthwhile experience. I’ve loved being stretched and learning how to take myself out of my comfort zone. It’s been fun as well! It was incredibly useful to receive feedback from the experts and the other participants. What was really important was the safe space and trust that was created with the other women in the group. Thank you very much.” K.B.

“I have just uploaded my video to the BeOne global community #MagicOf5. I wouldn’t have done it without your course and was certainly better planned and prepared.”

“Thanks for setting up such an amazing group, and for all the input and support you’ve given us!”

“It has been incredibly useful to someone like me who has virtually no experience of public speaking”

“If you are happy to be pushed out of your comfort zone, you will definitely achieve more confidence and see improvement in your speaking skills with My Confidence Matters”

“This group is like a battery charger – there to be plugged into if/when energy, confidence or momentum begin to flag – thank you for that”

leadership coaching

“Joy’s wealth of knowledge and experience is a great asset to helping others unlock their inner confidence and the belief in themselves. She is able to open up new possibilities that you thought weren’t possible.” B.L.