CAREER mentoring

73% of women we surveyed last year lacked confidence at least once a month at work.

Our career mentoring is for women who know they are capable of more but are being held back from achieving their full potential. We give women the confidence to step up to the next stage of their career through a 1-2-1 transformational six-month programme with My Confidence Matters’ founder and mentor Joy Burnford.


It is an opportunity to step back and reflect, take stock of the present, explore future direction and consider what needs to change in your career and your life.

Using our proprietary Career Happiness Tracker™, we assess areas that are blocking and challenging you and help you to create action plans to spring you forward on your career journey.

By the end of the programme, you will not only be equipped with a practical action plan but you will feel more motivated and confident with a clearer sense of direction and vision for the next six months and beyond.

Going through the career happiness tracker was really interesting... seeing my results in a diagrammatic way, really brought home to me which aspects of my career I was less happy about. Working through it with Joy helped to make sense of it, she linked many of my results and gave advice on next steps in a sensitive and constructive way. I feel clearer about what my key stress points are and am now feeling more confident about addressing these.
— P.S.

career happiness tracker - programme content

The programme is conducted via:

  • An initial 1-2-1 face-to-face 1 hour session, to discuss and complete your Career Happiness Tracker™ and identify the actions you will take to move you forward.

  • Monthly 60 minute 1-2-1 video calls (via Zoom) to review and redo your action plan for the coming month.

  • A final session to revisit your Career Happiness Tracker™ and your goals for the next six months and beyond.

In between sessions we will send you an accountability email to keep you on track and offer support if there is anything stopping you from achieving your goals.

The sort of challenges that women bring to their mentoring sessions include:

  • I need to decide whether to go for promotion or not

  • I am stuck in a role that isn’t fulfilling

  • I am being overlooked by my boss

  • I am constantly stressed trying to juggle my career and my family

  • I have been at the same company for years and don’t know how to move up or out

  • I’m scared about asking for a pay-rise even though I feel I deserve one

  • I missed out on a promotion that I thought I deserved

  • I feel frustrated at not being heard in meetings

  • I am constantly questioning what I’m good at and why anyone would want me to work for them!

  • I am going back to work after a break and I am scared that I’m not as good as I was before I left

  • I want to achieve a better work/life balance and want to ask for more flexibility at work

  • I have changed roles and need a boost of confidence to help me to realise I can do it!