Standing up for what you believe

When was the last time you felt able to project your voice?

When did you last find yourself knowing exactly what you wanted to say, feeling confident on your personal platform, and immaculately articulating your message?

Perhaps not true of every single one of us, but it could well be that you can find that recent moment in a scene at home.

Maybe it was when you were telling your teenager that they ‘absolutely cannot’ leave the house dressed like that;  or perhaps it was an authoritative discussion with the ‘other half’ about which of you had ‘promised’ to pick up that relative’s birthday card in time for the birthday party.

The point, is that often we find it easier to ‘speak up’ when we have a real opportunity to air strong-held beliefs, or to relay something which we feel so passionate about.

Take the recent days of incredibly competent talk by women throughout Ireland, reaching for the microphones to express their long-held views about abortion ahead of the referendum.

Not every one of those women (in fact, we imagine, perhaps very few) will have been previously trained in public speaking and confidence, but their passion and conviction enabled them to elevate their competency at a critical spotlight opportunity.

Now let’s turn our attention back to the world of work. While we might feel terribly passionate about the need for a pay rise, or have huge knowledge about our latest sales solution within the company, somehow, we lack the same level of personally fuelled courage and conviction around the way we deliver in this environment.

This, from our experience, is where training like our Speak Up workshop seems to have had enormous impact. It helps even the most corporately-cautious person identify some of those stronger and authoritative tools, which are more willing to come forth in our home environment.

On a day to day basis, you don’t need to have the strongest of views on issues like political referendums and centuries-old legislation necessarily, but you DO deserve to have a voice in your workplace. You DO deserve to find your platform in front of colleagues, clients and peers.

We’d love to see you at our next day-long event.

There’s just eight places available, so we’d encourage you to book as soon as you can.

We’ll be running a day-long event at a beautiful hotel in Constable country, near Colchester (about an hour on the train from London) which will help you assess your own approach to public speaking, guide you toward more confident delivery in the professional world, and support you with peer feedback and useful practical experiences.

This will take place on Friday 13th July 2018 from 9.30-4.30pm. Please visit our website for further information and to book your place.

Sophie Edmond