Why the fight for equality must continue

As female founders of a business, and particularly ones who base their very enterprise around elevating the confidence of women (and men too) we couldn’t possibly fail to acknowledge the incredible activity which took place over the weekend.

Around the UK, at sites in Edinburgh, Belfast, Cardiff and London, thousands came together for what was dubbed ‘Processions 2018’. The streets were awash with violet, green and white representing the colours of the suffragettes.

The idea was simple.

Women would congregate together and march in a collective display of celebration for 100 years since some women got the receipt of the vote – but also to show a commitment to ‘continue to fight for equality every day’.

What was so fascinating from the soundbites and images taken at the events, was the incredible and euphoric confidence with which women spoke and declared their passion for this ongoing campaigning issue.

It had me reflecting on one of the issues we cover at length in our workshops and masterclasses – which is based around the confidence of an individual, and the confidence in a ‘collective’.

Many of the women who took part in Processions will, as individuals, have their own battles with confidence day-to-day, but you wouldn’t know it from the loud voices, proud proclamations and campaigning determination demonstrated at those highly publicised events.

The support of peers at work, or in our personal worlds, is often one of the most important things which gives us all a level of confidence when we go about our daily existence.

What we teach and discuss heavily in our masterclass work, is how we can ‘capture’ that collective confidence, when we’re no longer surrounded by those important ‘champions’ in our worlds.

How do we stand in a boardroom and deliver a pitch, with the same confidence as if we were having our hand held by our supportive spouse, our irreplaceable best friend, or the parent who continues to believe we are the single best human being on the planet?

If you’ve ever had the sense that you needed help in finding more confidence in your ‘solo’ pursuits in this world, contact us to find the right opportunity for you.

Sophie Edmond