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Record a 2-minute video about you (using your phone or laptop). The purpose of this is to get a starting point for you and to see your progress and transformation throughout the programme. 

Session 1: All about you

  • Introductions and getting to know you and your cohort

  • Overview of the programme

  • The importance of body language

  • Review of your first video with feedback from your coach and your fellow participants.

Session 2: The fundamentals of voice

This session will not only give you advice about how to produce your voice optimally under all conditions, it will also cover practical breathing and voice exercises to understand how good alignment informs vocal presence and decreases nerves. It will include:

  • Breathing into speaking

  • Breath stamina

  • Resonance

  • Effective use of pitch, pause and pace and finding your rhythm to develop a magnetic delivery style

  • Voice projection

  • Check-list of healthy vocal guidelines and activities.


Using your newly acquired tools and techniques, record a 3-minute presentation on a project you are currently working on.

Session 3: How to structure a presentation

In the first half of this session we will review your 3-minute presentation.  The second half covers the fundamentals of how to plan your presentation and the structure it could take. You will learn about how to use storyboarding as a planning technique and then use the content to create an engaging and persuasive presentation including how to make an instant connection with your audience at the beginning, how to keep them engaged throughout using visual aids and storytelling, how to deal with questions and how to wrap it all up.

Session 4: Storytelling and understanding your audience

  • Understanding your target audiences (eg the media, internal stakeholders, an unknown audience) and how to engage with them appropriately

  • Key messaging: what you must get across to your chosen target audience (and how to regain control if necessary)

  • How to deliver those key messages in a compelling and memorable way: headlines; pithy, punchy quotes

  • Using the right proof points, stories, graphic detail, metaphors to bring what you’re saying to life

  • Brainstorming the negative questions that could be posed and how you deal with them


Prepare and record a live 3-minute media interview (to be scheduled during the week) with Jane Renton, former BBC presenter.

Session 5: Replay and feedback on delivery of interviews

This session will give you the chance to gauge your performance from the pre-recorded interview and Jane will assess the effectiveness of your messaging and proof-points and the all-important delivery, including non-verbal communication.


Preparation of a 5-minute presentation for the final Live presentations.

Session 6: Final live presentations

Putting into practice your newly acquired skills, you will all present a 5-minute presentation back to the group. As well as receiving feedback, you will have the opportunity to share your own feedback on the experience and provide supportive suggestions to your peers. 

The latter part of this session will focus on your learnings from the course and how you will put the skills into practice back at work.

Please note that from time to time, the order of sessions and coaches may be subject to change.


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Once a course is booked, what happens next?

  • An electronic questionnaire will be sent out to the participants to assess their personal impact challenges and where they would most like support.

  • Participants will be asked to submit a short biog and photo that can be sent out to their fellow cohort in advance of the first session.

  • We ask participants to think about one particular challenge they are facing when it comes to speaking up and be ready to talk about this so we can help keep to account.

  • Participants will be sent a welcome pack with instructions on pre-work, biographies of each member of the group and details of how to log in to each session.

  • Participants will be sent a Workbook to use during the course.

  • Participants will be sent an invitation to join a WhatsApp group and a private Facebook group for your cohort so that conversations can happen off-line as well as on-line.

  • During the course any useful shared learnings are captured on our private Facebook group for the group to access.

  • All sessions are recorded so that participants can listen again whenever they need to.