Presenting with confidence 

A transformational 4 week course for women to make a bigger impact in the workplace  

My Confidence Matters course run in collaboration with Capability Jane

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According to research conducted by My Confidence Matters of more than 300 business women, 40% are nervous about speaking in front of an audience.

We often hear this from our delegates:

  • I want to be more inspirational when giving a talk

  • I want to have more authority in the boardroom

  • I feel like I waffle and really want to find a way to speak more concisely

  • I hate the way my voice sounds

  • I dread having to do a live video or audio

  • I would love to find the secret to engaging an audience.

‘Presenting with confidence’ is a four week virtual live presentation skills course, designed to support a small cohort of just 8 professional women to overcome a fear of speaking in front of an audience. The course will address the issues above whether delegates need to overcome a fear of presenting in meetings, webinars or larger conferences.

Confidence to speak in front of an audience is a skill that can be learned. Over the course of this transformational programme, delegates will learn tools and techniques in how to:

  • overcome a fear of public speaking

  • speak with impact

  • use body language to your advantage

  • structure and prepare for a presentation

  • use storytelling and understand your audience

The very practical course gives ample opportunity to practice presentations in between sessions and receive expert feedback from your trainer Stephanie Aitken and other members of your supportive cohort.

If you are happy to be pushed out of your comfort zone, you will definitely achieve more confidence and see improvement in your speaking skills with My Confidence Matters


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course outline

Each session will be 2 hours long with a short break. The full course outline is as follows:

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Pre-work: Record a 2 minute presentation about yourself.

Session 1: Introductions; How to make an impact when presenting; Feedback on first presentations.

Homework: Record a second 3 minute presentation taking on board the feedback from Session 1.

Session 2: How to warm up and calm down; Using body language to make the biggest impact; Feedback on presentations.

Session 3: Structure, storytelling and slides – practical session designed to give you tips and techniques on preparing well for your presentations. Q&A about final presentations.

Homework: Practice a live 5 minute presentation for delivery in Session 4.

Session 4: Live presentations with feedback.

course information

Timing: The timing of the course will be arranged once there is enough interest in running the programme.

Cost: The course costs £395 plus VAT and includes all course material.

To get the full benefit of the course, delegates need five things:

  1. 2 hours each week to participate in a live video call plus time for recording your presentations between sessions (approx. 30 minutes but as much or as little as you wish)

  2. A willingness to be pushed out of your comfort zone

  3. The time to practice and record your presentations between sessions

  4. An encouraging and supportive attitude to your fellow cohort

  5. Ability to record videos on your smartphone or computer, access to Facebook and for video conferencing.

About your trainer, Stephanie Aitken

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Stephanie Aitken is an experienced trainer and coach and has been part of the My Confidence Matters ‘Speak Up’ team since the start of 2019.

She started her career as a lawyer working for over 10 years as commercial media lawyer at companies like MTV and Channel 4 before switching careers in 2011 - preferring to focus on the people side of business.

She now works as a corporate trainer and supports people within organisations of all sizes, overcome their communications challenges. She loves to help individuals speak with impact, charisma and influence; knowing that all three qualities are in fact skills that can be learnt and developed by anyone. She has worked for companies such as Network Rail, Womble Bond Dickinson and Barclays.

Having certified as a One of Many coach and NLP master practitioner, she is passionate about supporting women to build their confidence, be more courageous and to step up in their roles; so that they can be inspiring leaders, fulfil their potential and thrive.