What does an elastic band, clenched buttocks and matching underwear have in common?

I was recently asked by a client for some tools and techniques to help to deal with umms and errs when delivering a presentation. These umms and errs are known as fillers and come in all sorts of forms such as 'you know', 'like', 'sort of', etc. What they do for a speaker or presenter is to fill spaces and voids when they don't know what to say next or when they are thinking out loud.

From an audience point of view, they can be distracting and can turn the audience’s attention off as they have a perception that the speaker lacks confidence or knowledge in the topic. So, to the elastic band. It can help to deal with the fillers - but how? If you want to get rid of the fillers, find an elastic band and pop it on your wrist. Every time you hear yourself muttering a filler take the elastic band and pull it until it pings your wrist. But that hurts I hear you cry! Exactly. The point of doing this is to cause pain and as your body and brain don’t like pain, they will make a connection that every time you use a filler and ping yourself it will cause discomfort. You will find that very quickly you stop using fillers and make you sound more confident when speaking and presenting. 

Clenched buttocks. What? I hear you ask. When you're feeling nervous about speaking in public and your legs start shaking, a technique I have used before is to clench my buttocks! This directs the tension away from your upper body and focuses it further down your body. It is almost physically impossible to shake if your thighs or buttocks are clenched in this way!  Believe me, it works.

Moving on to underwear... I made a choice several years ago to wear matching underwear as in a bra and pants (big pants, little pants, teeny tiny pants - whatever you prefer).  I was inspired to do this at a networking event when one of the hosts talked about the fact that she wore matching underwear to make her feel fabulous and confident. She looked amazing and was dressed immaculately. Ever since then, I have made a point to do the same and yes, I do feel great. I am loyal to Marks and Sparks and they have a great choice of different styles of bras and pants that match and are reasonably priced. I tend to buy one bra and then several pairs of the matching pants and rotate accordingly depending on what I am wearing on top. I do prefer comfort and have a style that works for me, body shape and wardrobe. I have also found that I only own about 3 to 4 bras and about 10 to 15 pairs of knickers as no more are required!

Feeling and looking confident starts from the inside so get pinging, clenching and go shopping!

Sophie Edmond