UNCOVERING you and your personal brand


Do you feel 100% confident in who you are and what you can offer?

Do you sometimes underestimate your value and self-worth at work?

Do you ever think you must be the only one that feels like this?

This workshop will help women like you to uncover your value and package it up into a personal brand, so that you feel super confident in stepping up and putting yourself forward. The purpose of this session is to explore and get to know who you really are - your best self. By being your best self, you can become more confident and have the impact and influence that you desire. We uncover your key strengths and use these to examine how to use these to build confidence in yourself, your behaviours and your actions. Managing your mind set will also be explored as it has a huge impact upon personal success. All of this is a starting point to developing your personal brand.

Your personal brand is within your control and can be carefully shaped and crafted according to your guiding principles. When you become aware of who you are and what you stand for you develop an enhanced level of confidence that is completely unique and authentic to you. Everything you do can grow and reflect your personal brand: the projects you lead, the networks you develop, the customers you delight, the initiatives you take. And it is what other people will remember about you. All the time you’re learning, growing, building relationships, and delivering great results, it’s good for you and it’s great for the company.


    why attend?

    By the end of this programme you will be able to:

    • Understand what you are worth and how you can feel confident about asking for a pay rise or putting your prices up

    • Acknowledge and recognise that you are a ‘brand’

    • Be clear about your mind set and how it impacts and shapes your behaviour

    • Assess your perception of yourself and how that correlates with what is portrayed to others
    • Identified your strengths and areas for development in interpersonal relationships
    • Know how to communicate to build rapport and empathy to make an impact and influence with those around you
    • Have a comprehensive profile of you and your brand, in terms of how you perceive yourself, how others see you, your level of assertiveness and self-awareness
    • How well you manage your emotions, how you relate to others and how you handle conflict


    The day will be run and facilitated by My Confidence Matters co-founders and directors Sophie Edmond and Joy Burnford. There will be a mix of exercises, discussion and group facilitation. Intensive and pacey, a lot of ground is covered but the approach is flexible enough to meet the specific needs of participants.

    Content that will be covered

    • Know your assets and strengths and what you have to sell
    • Understand the features and benefits of you as a product
    • Gain an understanding of your personal impact and natural leadership style, and how it can be changed to stay on brand
    • Identify opportunities to increase the visibility of your personal brand
    • Learn how to influence and communicate in a way that serves your personal brand
    • Understand the value of feedback and how to use it to test the impact and value of your personal brand
    • Gain a practical set of tools and techniques that can be used in networking situations
    • Create a value proposition and mission statement for you


    I attended one of Sophie’s amazing and insightful talks about Confident Communication and what a difference it has made to me… no more shaking at the thought of being stood in front of an unknown audience, no more fears of getting it “wrong”, just common sense and a mind monkey, who can help rather than hinder nowadays!